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Expert earthmoving equipment repairs in Perth

Expert earthmoving equipment repairs in Perth

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About Contatore Engineering


Our capabilities 

When it comes to the manufacture, maintenance, and repair of earthmoving, hydraulic and other machinery equipment, Contatore Engineering is Perth’s specialist. At our highly equipped factory premises in Welshpool, we have a wide range of state-of-the-art engineering and fabrication resources at our disposal.

Hydraulic EQUIPMENT 

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder refurbishments, repairs and manufacture

  • In-house pressure testing
  • Well-equipped hydraulic department.
  • 2 x test benches that can test extended cylinders up to 25+ metres.
  • Cylinder reports available.
  • Hydraulic attachment testing facilities.
  • Repairs of mechanical and hydraulic equipment.
  • Rock breaker / hammer repairs / testing.

    Overhead Crane

    • 2 x 3.2-tonne overhead cranes.

    Fabrication and Welding 

    Welding and Fabrication
    • Coded welding (Australian standards)
    • FCAW, GMAW, MMAW, SAW & GTAW (TIG) welding processes available.
    • Light to heavy fabrication.
    • Sub-arc welding.
    • Electric rotating tables.
    • Automatic internal bore welding.
    • In-house crack testing and HB hardness testing equipment.
    • 800 tonne break press.
    • 105 tonne “C” press.
    • In-house profile cutting up to 200mm thick.
    Overhead Crane
    • 2 x 10-tonne overhead cranes with capacity to go to 18.8 tonne with spreader beam. 

    Idler wheels 

    Idler Wheels
    We can also fully overhaul excavator and crawler idler wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications. With a comprehensive range of specialised machinery at hand to fabricate any hard to obtain or obsolete components, we can have your equipment back up and running again in no time at all.

    Centre lathes 

    Lathe work
    Up to 1370mm diameter capacity.
    • 8 meters between centers taper turning over full length.
    • Jobs up to 10 tonne capacity.
    • Internal cylinder boring up to 6 metres.
    • 1 x CNC max 1100 diameter x 3m bed centres.
    • 1 x CNC max 400 diameter x 800mm bed centres.

    Milling Machines 

    • Up to 2000mm x 610mm table.
    • Equipped with dividing table
    • Digital readouts.
    • CNC milling machine

      Drilling and Tapping 

      drilling and tapping tools
      • Drilling up to 80mm diameter.
      • Tapping up to M42 size.
      • Spark eroding up to 20mm diameter

      Horizontal Boring 

      horizontal boring image in black and white
      • Up to 1225mm x 1530mm table.
      • Facing head attachment.
      • Milling facility.
      • Line boring up to 2 metres

      Vertical Borer 

      vertical borer spinning fast
      • Up to 2134mm diameter capacity.
      • Chuck diameter 1830mm.
      • 1300mm height.
      • Jobs up to 10 tonne capacity.
      • Digital readouts.

      Certified fork lift repairs 

      black fork lift repaired

      Rockbreaker / Hammer Repairs 

      Socomec Heavy Rockbreakers
      • In-house testing facility
      • Service and repair all brands of Rockbreakers.
      • We recommend servicing your Rockbreaker every 12 months.
      • No hidden costs, we will never perform extra repair work without contacting you first.

        Certified crane repairs 

        repaired crane in yellow
        If you need expert crane repairs, you are in the right place. Our straightening, repair, and crane boom restoration services are all fully certified, assuring you of the highest levels of safety and serviceability. Our team are the lift, extension, and multi-stage cylinder specialist in the Perth area, so call us first before you commit elsewhere.

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